Farah W. Issa

Years of experience: 17

Position: President

Mr. Issa established National Lending Unlimited to provide business solutions for real estate investor businesses. He provides the leadership and forward thinking that have got us this far.

“National Lending Unlimited, repaired one of my option buyers credit, who had 98 collections and over $100,000 in debt. Then handled the mortgage loan with excellent customer service, allowing me to cash out of the property with a large profit! ”


Integrity Properties

Software Technology Department


Software development and internet infrastructure team leverages 40 year of experience and specializes in writing software with a proficiency in many development platforms along with server management and security.


National Lending Unlimited's comprehensive services start with the basics-assessing properties and developing a complete strategy for each property before purchase. We help you select the perfect candidate for each property to increase success rates while reducing risks.

We strive to help business owners develop a solid foundation and business strategy so they can be successful. We will work to improve sales, productivity, organization, and legal compliance.

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“I've cashed out of more properties via mortgage loans last year then ever before and increased my profits"

Cynthia Shriver

St. Louis, IL.

Win Win Real Estate


Years of experience: 62

Our underwriters have worked for several large national banks.  Bringing a wealth of experience to our underwriting team.

The Camino Law Firm
years of experience: 89

The Camino law firm, the legal arm of our business specializes in real estate, corporate, contractual, acquisitions and mergers law. Experience with both small business and large industries to improve business performance.