Compliance:  Ensures you remain in compliance with constantly  evolving federal legislation, specifically Dodd-Frank and Safe Act.

Pre-qualifies buyers:  We take all the guesswork out of ensuring potential buyers are pre-qualified. Our custom algorithm does all the calculations for you; just input the data and the software does the rest.

Manages leads:  The software allows you to securely store information about all your leads and is available at your fingertips at a moment's notice, no matter where you are or what web-enabled device you use. Update the leads at any time.

Manages buyers:  Upload your existing paper documents through the software to store and access them securely. You'll never have to run back to the office to access your buyer's information again. Send applications to buyers via private links they can fill out online, no paper copies needed.

Provides security:  Working from out of town today? No problem -- all data you've entered is accessible from anywhere, on any web-enabled device, stored on our secure, cloud-based platform. 

Provides an educational platform:  Access a fully-stocked educational section featuring our webinar videos, which you can replay at any time.  Read up on continually updated mortgage-lending guidelines and access contract addenda tailored to your buyers’ needs. 

Analyzes credit:  This software sets up a credit analysis for each buyer at the click of a button. We perform the analysis and send the results to you through the software, where you can store and access it at any time.  

Works from any smartphone, any operating system:  Manage buyers, enter information and access exclusive videos and contract addendum’s, all from your phone or web-enabled device, regardless of operating system or phone carrier.  

Tired of your buyers not qualifying for mortgage loans?


You’re one click from the only mortgage pre-qualification software that helps you stay Dodd-Frank compliant.

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NLU's pre-qualification software takes all the headaches out of the business, handling everything from pre-qualifying buyers to serving as a client relationship management system,  accessible from any web-enabled device or smartphone via our secure servers. The software offers day-to-day operational efficiencies that reduce costs and increase productivity, and educational platforms.

Utilizing the software allows a real estate investor to meet Dodd-Frank Act and S.A.F.E. Act compliance without incurring third-party fees. The software streamlines the application process and reduces risk by limiting exposure to unqualified borrowers. The approval algorithm meets the specific underwriting standards required by the Dodd-Frank Act and FHA requirements for residential loans.